Large Glass Greenhouse Terrarium – Handmade


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Plants are not just for the outside, they are to be admired indoors too. So, we are delighted to showcase our attractive glass terrarium greenhouse, an essential accessory for any plant lover.  Ideal to home your favourite succulents and air plants and makes a wonderful home ornament. In addition to providing beauty, plants tend to increase work productivity, concentration and focus.

Whether you decide to put in your kitchen, bedroom or hall we are sure it will be admired. This terrarium has a good size opening window making it easy to add your plants.

The terrarium is made from eco-friendly recycled glass and metal, which makes it not highly attractive visually but helps with use of unwanted waste and cuts down on unsustainable sources. As this a handmade piece, colours can slightly vary from images seen. Plants and stones not included.

Additional information

  • made in India
  • Weight 0.9kg (2.1lb)
  • Non-toxic, recycled, reusable and vegan
  • ethically sourced, fairtrade and sustainably sourced
  • 26 x 27 x 9cm

Additional information

Weight 0.9 kg