The Bird Seed Bar




These cleverly designed chocolate bar sized coir blocks, seeded with an interesting collections of flowers an edibles are a perfect way to start off your seed sowing journey.

First on the block, is The Bird Bar a lovely collection of  bird-friendly flowers which will bring your twittering friends flocking to your garden. The trio includes the much loved;

Sunflower (sun gold) vibrant yellow giants, a abundance of seeds

Echinops  a blue spherical flower with tasty seeds

Cornflower with vibrant blue petals a  typical British cottage garden flower

Start your Growbar between March and June on a sunny windowsill in a container with plenty of space allowing for the coir fibre to expand by adding water to the tray (not directly on the bar).  After a few weeks, when your seedlings have grown 4- 8 leaves, they are ready to gently separate and pot on individually until their bigger or planted out directly into a prepared area in a sunny position.

Then sit back and enjoy seeing your twittering friends.