The Red Hot – Seed Bar




Do you like it ‘HOT’, Grow your own fiery chillies with this trio of bold+ blazing hot chilli plants. These culinary delights  can create all kinds of spicy sauces and set your creations on fire.

Start growing from February-May, this feisty Growbar includes:

Jalapeno produces, long very thin pungent fruits.

Habanero  a fiery hot chilli with small fruits turning orange when ripe.

Serrano  starts off green in colour and slightly hotter than jalapeno, turns red when fully mature.

Simply unwrap your Growbar,  place your contents with the brown protective paper facing upwards into a container with plenty of space to allow to expand after watering.  Position in warm sunny position.  Keep watering into the tray to keep moist.  In no time your seedlings will start to appear. Wait until they have at least 4-8 leaves before potting individually or outside.  In no time you will adding some spice to your favourite dishes.


If you planning to start your chilli’s early, then wait until late May/June before placing outside. Chilli’s require the warmest sunniest spot to produce a crop.