The Tiny Tomato Bar




Tiny but full of flavour, grow this intriguing assortment of colourful and delicious tomatoes with all the important nutrients like vitamin C and potassium.

The Tiny Tomato Bar contains popular varieties of Outdoor Girl + Gardeners delight and Yellow Pear.

Start between February-June by unwrapping your Growbar and place with the brown protective paper facing upwards into a container allowing for space to expand and then pop onto a sunny windowsill. Water regularly into the tray to keep the Growbar moist. After several weeks, your seedlings will start to appear. Leave them until they produce 4-8 leaves. They then will be ready to plant out into a sunny location.

This Growbar will make a tasty gift for any gardener or anyone who loves to grow their own fruit and vegetables.


3 popular garden varieties
Eco friendly contents
Recyclable packaging