Planting Trowel – RHS Endorsed


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A delightful heart-shaped trowel by Burgon & Ball, is ideal for all types of planting. Perfect for shallower digging or scooping when planting smaller bulbs, bedding or plug plants. An ideal size for container gardening.

The short, wide head has a pointed sharpened tip to ease through the ground quickly and efficiently. With its  Ergonomic design, the head is in line with the handle, rather than angled, making it a joy to use.

The mirror-polished stainless steel head is rust resistance and offers a clean movement through the soil. Its hardwood handle is FSC-certified and offers a comfortable grip. For ease of storage, is comes with a sturdy leather hanging cord.

A show stopping design which doesn’t compromise on planting performance.  Who wants one for their tool shed?

As an RHS endorsed tool, always carries a lifetime guarantee.