Edible Flower Bar




Want to have ago at growing your own Edible Flowers? This Growbar includes, Borage, Pot marigold and Viola Crown Blend, a selection of petals which will add colour and flavour to many cakes, breads salads, cocktails and much more.

Start off your seedlings in February-June by unwrapping your Growbar and placing it into a shallow container, allowing for space for it to expand. Make sure their regularly watered into the tray and not directly onto the Growbar as they can break up. Then put on a warm, sunny windowsill indoors. An ideal temperature for the seedlings to germinate is 18 -22 degrees.

After a few weeks you will have a tray of little seedlings. Once they they have produced 4-8 leaves you can gently separate them being careful not to damage the roots, and either pot them into individual pots or direct into the ground in a sunny-position.

Be the talk at the garden party and show off your culinary display in style. Your guests will be super impressed

Identification of seedlings, positioning and care:

Marigold seedlings have pale-green long leaves. Prefers full-sun or partial shade, cut back after flowering.

Borage  seedlings have oval shaped bristly leaves, smells like cucumber, prefers full-sun or partial shade . Leave to self seed after flowering.

Viola  seedlings have heart-shape leaves. Enjoys full sun or partial shade, cut back after flowering.